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James Dawson

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Meet Our Sailing, Powerboat, and Wake Instructor – James Dawson

At Sora Marine Training we pride ourselves in having some of the best instructors available. Our whole team is motivated, enthusiastic, highly qualified, and most importantly passionate about what they do.

Meet James!
James Dawson is our wakeboarding, powerboating, and sailing instructor. Like the rest of our team, James has been doing water sports since he was a kid, and is extremely passionate about water sports. Starting out with sailing and driving powerboats from a very young age, before moving on to windsurfing as a hobby slightly later in his life, he is always up for trying new things as long as he is out on the water!

James Dawson Wakeboarding instructor

James began sailing in optimists and eventually began racing which is where his passion for water-sport truly began. As he got older and more experienced, he moved on to racing faster and more powerful boats whilst falling in love with being out on the water.

As his passion for water sports developed, so did his interest in more water based activities. Beginning to try new things on the water, James developed an interest in windsurfing and developed it as a hobby as well as professionally.

After realising his passion for the sport and finishing his degree, James decided to become and instructor so he could be immersed in doing what he loves every day, and share that passion with other people. Since becoming a sailing, powerboating, and windsurfing instructor, James has continued to try new water based sport in the last few years including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and most recently waterskiing and kitesurfing.

James Dawson Wakeboarding

James has been with Sora Marine Training for over a year now and is an extremely valuable part of our team.

You will find James out on the water all weekend on our Master Craft  X Star, teaching wakeboarding, wake surfing, and waterskiing, as well as powerboating and sailing during the week.

So why not give us a call to join James and find your passion for water sport!

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