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John Hugh Marshall

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Meet Our Lead Dive Instructor

At Sora Marine Training we pride ourselves in having the very best staff. Our dive team is no exception to this – John Hugh Marshall is simply the best dive instructor in Doha!

Meet John!

John Hugh Marshall is our lead dive instructor, teaching PADI Courses every week from Bubble Makers to Dive Masters. He is passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy and John could to think of nowhere he would prefer to be than in the water, teaching what he loves.

John’s passion for the water started when he was just 5 years old, swimming and kayaking in the sea off the coast of a small town in South Africa. This grew and he started snorkelling, discovering a love for sea life – especially sharks! As he got older he began travelling the African continent, kayaking and snorkelling in new and more exciting places. It was in doing this he also discovered his love for extreme sports and, more over, competition.

From his mid-late teens, John began swimming competitively and also starting surfing, discovering yet another water based sport that he had a passion for. Amongst all the different sports, he couldn’t ignore his love for what lied beneath the surface and finally began to earn his diving qualifications 10 years ago. John went on to become a commercial diver, where he not only developed his love for the ocean further but also discovered a desire to do what he could to protect the ocean.

John then decided that it was time to find a way to share this passion; he first gained his qualification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and is now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Next step: a PADI Staff Instructor.

Asa  newcomer to Qatar, John has thoroughly enjoyed discovering our dive sites and all the incredible sea life we have here. He loves sharing his passion and would love to share it with you! Why not book on a course or let him take you out for a fun dive to discover all the wonders of the ocean Qatar has to offer.


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Zuhdi Nordin - posted 2138 day ago

Hi john we at kecil and miss you! Love soph and zudy

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